Single Use Systems (SUS) are developing considerably to meet the needs of the industry: flexibility, speed, reduced infrastructure costs… The experts members of the A3P Single Use Systems GIC (Groupes d’intérets communs / Group of Common Interest) wish to share the results of their work in the framework of a bi-annual reference event for professionals of the Pharmaceutical & Bioproduction sectors.

In 2021, a restitution within the framework of the A3P Annual Congress have allowed to provide answers on topics such as the problems of supply,, Sustainability and to initiate new reflections for 2023 around Annex1 GMP Eu,USP665, risk analysis E&R and life cycle management of SUS products.

These two days of conferences, partners’ workshops and an exhibition of suppliers’ companies, on September 20 & 21 in Tours aim to share best practices and points of vigilance on major strategic topics such asintegrity management, « PUPSIT», the strategy of securing supplies and the implementation of eco-responsible policies.