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Leverage Hamilton automated solutions when creating novel innovations and improving products to perform better, cost less, and increase environmental sustainability compared to alternatives.


Specific Applications

Advantages of Automating with Hamilton

Amplify Pipeline Efficiencies with Hamilton Automated Solutions

  • Focus on high value activities through hands-free, hassle-free workflows
  • Increase sample throughput and enable parallel processing
  • Miniaturize assays to conserve precious samples, materials, and reagents while maintaining high quality, reproducible results
  • Adapt to changing lab needs at any time through scalable, modular automated solutions
  • Streamline operations and data handling with LIMS integration

Boost Performance with Hamilton Automated Solutions

  • Superior measurement accuracy, precision, and reproducibility via air displacement pipetting using Hamilton tips with CO-RE (Compressed O-Ring Expansion) technology
  • Performance monitoring, even of the most challenging liquids, through Anti-Droplet Control (ADC™), Liquid Level Detection (LLD), Total Aspiration and Dispense Monitoring (TADM)
  • Eliminate costly and time-consuming retesting due to manual errors and variation
  • Strengthen chain of custody, sample tracking and audit trail via automated barcode scanning
  • Receive personalized recommendations and training from dedicated Hamilton synthetic biology experts
NGS STAR deck layout with CO-RE grippers

Solutions for Your Science

Explore the many ways in which Hamilton automated workflows benefit synthetic biology applications.

  • Next Generation Sequencing
  • Nucleic Acid Extraction
  • Nucleic Acid Size Selection
  • Plasmid Purification
  • Cell Culture
  • Molecular Cloning
  • PCR Setup, Cleaning, and Reactions
  • Mass Spectrometry Sample Prep
  • Cellular Analysis
  • Protein Sciences
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