Approximately 8.5 Million Lives Changed Each Year Through Genetic Identity Tests Run on Hamilton Automated Solutions

When supporting investigations into missing persons, unidentified remains, sexual assault or other crimes through genetic identity analysis, trust in Hamilton automated solutions for fast, precise results.

Increase confidence in results through highly robust, hands-free workflows, even from samples that are highly degraded or mixed. Increase throughput while focusing on other tasks to reduce overall turnaround. Increase your resolve to ensuring justice and serving the public good. Learn more about forensic science automation.

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Hamilton in the Genetic Identity Market

Forensically Validated Automated Processing of FTA Cards for CODIS DNA Databasing

Automated FTA filter card processing on the Hamilton easyPunch increases reproducibility compared to manual methods while enabling analysts to refocus their attention on data analysis.

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Next Generation Solutions for Forensic Laboratory Process Improvement

The next generation automated workflow frees analysts from repetitive activities to focus instead of higher order tasks from case evaluation through courtroom testimony to better serve the justice community and society as a whole.

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Impact of Automated Methods Applied to DNA Profiling Workflow Management

We report implications of the automated processing method in context of labor savings and other key performance indicators in the overall DNA profiling workflow.

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FlipTube™ Technology Promotes Clean Manipulation of Forensic Samples on Automated Workstations

FlipTube microtubes promote clean, hands-free manipulation of forensic samples when individual processing is required.

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Assay Ready Workstations for Genetic Identity Applications

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