Trust in Hamilton automated storage systems to ensure the long-term integrity of invaluable samples, eliminate the time-consuming hassle of manual sample management, and remove the risk of mishandling or other errors. Further increase productivity when integrating a Hamilton automated storage system with a high-throughput Hamilton automated liquid handler for true confidence in results.

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Benefits of Automating with Hamilton

  • Easily integrate with third-party software, LIMS and other Hamilton automated systems for enhanced performance and efficiencies
  • Precisely controlled and monitored environmental conditions to ensure sample integrity
  • Security through real-time sample tracking, user permission levels, and full documentation
  • Increased productivity with rapid, hands-free sample deposit, retrieval, transport, and processing, and centralized storage of multiple container types
  • Scalable systems to adapt to changing needs without disruption
  • Dependable, robust performance over time

A Hamilton Solution for Mayo Clinic

The All of Us Research Program at Mayo Clinic aims to collect biological samples from 1 million individuals in the United States in a cohort effort to revolutionize approaches to health and disease treatment. They rely on multiple Hamilton solutions to help them achieve that goal, including a –80°C BiOS automated storage system for long-term storage and a Verso automated sample storage system for sample reformatting.

The biobank also utilizes the easyBlood STARlet assay ready workstation for hands-free blood fractionation and buffy coat transfer, and a LabElite DeCapper for automated tube decapping. The systems and processes are expected to support new industry standards for biospecimen collection, processing, and storage.

A Hamilton Solution for Harvard University

As part of the Biobank for Microbiome Research in Massachusetts (BIOM-Mass) joint collaboration, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health acquired a –80°C BiOS automated storage system to store up to 3.5 million biospecimens to understand the impact of the human microbiome on health and disease states, ranging from asthma and inflammatory bowel disease, to cancer, heart disease and more.

The hands-free system provides a full audit trail and temperature log for each stored sample, and a variety of labware types may be stored and automatically picked without risk of temperature fluctuations or time-consuming hassles.

A Hamilton Solution for Lifelines

Lifelines is a major three-generation study of residents from the Northern Provinces of The Netherlands. The study’s researchers were chiefly concerned with sample safety, and chose a –80°C BiOS automated storage system to manage and store up to 8 million sensitive and diverse biological samples for use when identifying universal risk factors and their modifiers in particular disease states.

A Hamilton Solution for the Norwegian Institute for Public Health (NIPH)

The NIPH is gathering 2 million biological samples as part of the Norwegian Mother and Child Cohort Study, and turned to a –80°C BiOS automated storage system to protect the precious samples from harm throughout their lifetime in the system. BiOS also allows researchers to more efficiently manage the vast sample inventory, and includes flexibility to easily alternate between various sample container sizes.

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