This course covers servicing of the LabElite DeCapper and I.D. Capper devices. To reinforce the theoretical portion of the course, practical examples and demonstrations are provided. System servicing is given special emphasis.

Course Content

  • Introduction to DeCapper/I.D. Capper
  • Detailed overview of DeCapper/I.D. Capper hardware
  • Detailed overview of I.D. Capper Barcode Reading Software
  • Operation of the system
  • Diagnosing firmware error codes
  • Error handling and troubleshooting
  • Hardware repairs
  • Software repairs

Target Group: Service engineers who need to support the DeCapper/I.D. Capper devices


  • Electronic knowledge and electronic test equipment
  • Mechanical skills
  • Knowledge of Windows 10 operating system
  • Basic database knowledge
  • English language

Location: At Hamilton Storage Franklin, Massachusetts facility

Duration: 3 days

Course Fee: Upon request

Certificate: Proficiency Certificate