Verso Q-Series

Automated Freezer Storage Right Where You Need It

The Verso Q-Series lineup of minus 20°C automated freezer storage systems boasts many of the accommodating features of a large system in an extremely compact footprint. With Verso Q20, Verso Q50, and Verso Q75, your samples can be stored anywhere you need them. Thanks to fully automated designs, these small but powerful systems allow you to spend more time being productive and less time managing samples.

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Flexible Sample Storage

Verso Q-Series allows users to pick one or 1,000 samples at the touch of a finger. The systems can be run day and night without supervision, allowing users to run jobs after hours to maximize daily productivity. Each of the Verso Q20, Verso Q50, and Verso Q75 has the ability to handle a wide variety of sample configurations and tube/plate types. They can store and manage almost any SBS-format labware in a single system, with a throughput of up to 500 tubes/hour.

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Verso Q-Series Features and Benefits

automated freezer storage

Full Control of Your Samples

  • The system allows for complete sample traceability, automatically tracking and recording movements for a full audit trail of every sample
  • Eliminate the need to manually search for samples, and ensure sample integrity by maintaining a consistent temperature
Verso Q-Series automated freezer

Environmentally Friendly

  • Superior insulation technology for ultra-low energy consumption
  • Uses green refrigerant to help reduce your lab's carbon footprint
  • Verso Q50 and Q75 are equipped with redundant refrigeration

Convenient & Flexible

  • No-touch Input/Output module allows users to load sample racks without needing a free hand
  • Jobs can run without supervision, so users can input a pick list and move on to the next task, or run a job after hours, to maximize productivity
  • The robust, fully supported Application Programming Interface (API) seamlessly integrates into your lab and LIMS system
  • Store and manage almost any SBS-format labware in a single system

Simple, Powerful Automation Software

Our automated sample storage platforms run on the powerful, easy-to-use INSTINCT S software, which allows users to run daily operations easily with minimal training.

instinct s automation software

Introductions Made Easy

With pre-defined shortcuts that allow sample introductions into a logical library, users can control each study's library and access to it, as well as reports highlighting the library's inventory.
INSTINCT S Job Manager View

Track All of Your Jobs

The Job Manager gives users a list of completed jobs. On the right, the Job Results will list the racks and tubes that were picked for a given job and has the option to export that list as a .csv file.
INSTINCT S Maintenance Tab View

A Look Under the Hood

The Maintenance Tab gives users a visual of their inventory, showing where racks are in the system and information about each rack such as rack ID and number of tubes in the rack.

There's an App for That

With a Verso Q-Series platform, users can run jobs remotely using their smartphone or tablet.

Verso Q-Series Minus 20°C Automated Freezer Storage Specifications

Technical SpecificationsVerso Q20Verso Q50Verso Q75
Width0.8 m (2 ft, 8 in)1.31 m (4 ft, 4 in)1.81 m (6 ft)
Depth0.8 m (2 ft, 8 in)0.8 m (2 ft, 8 in)0.8 m (2 ft, 8 in)
Height1.99 m (6 ft, 7 in)1.99 m (6 ft, 7 in)1.99 m (6 ft, 7 in)
Temperature RangeAmbient to -20°CAmbient to -20°CAmbient to -20°C
Barcode Reader1D and 2D for racks, plates, and tubes1D and 2D for racks, plates, and tubes1D and 2D for racks, plates, and tubes
Storage CapacitiesVerso Q20Verso Q50Verso Q75
Hamilton 0.3 mL Tubes36,00094,600152,600
Hamilton 1.0 mL Tubes17,60045,20072,800
Shallow-well plates3107351,150

*Example labware types used. Verso Q-Series automated freezer storage systems are capable of storing almost any SBS-format labware.

Service & Support for Verso Q-Series

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