Service Training*

HAMILTON Bonaduz AG provides Field Service and Support Engineers Service Trainings for the following products:

  • Microlab STAR
  • easyPunch
  • AutoLys
  • H-Motion
  • VANTAGE Pipettor
  • VANTAGE Logistics/Track Gripper
  • Microlab NIMBUS
  • Microlab Prep
  • Compact Instrument (Tignuppa)

In addition, we provide two additional special Service Trainings

  • VANTAGE Refresh
  • Advanced Service Training

For more details including the training schedule see here.

If you are interested in a Service Training in Bonaduz (Switzerland), please contact us using the Registration Form.

* Service Trainings are primary available for HAMILTON distributors and OEM partners as well as HAMILTON Field Service Engineers.