Vial Cap Management System

Automated Vial Decapper
& & Vial Capper

The Vial Cap Management System is a fully automated system designed to handle repetitive tasks, increasing user walkaway time.

  • VCMS blows away the competition with the ability to scan, de-cap, test, and recap 96 vials in just 50 minutes.
  • The potential for human errors and contamination is diminished with a unique vial capping and vial decapping process.
  • Reduce the risk of repetitive hand operation motion injuries to employees while increasing their productivity.

Advanced Vial Cap Detection

Hamilton’s Vial Cap Management System an ultra-modern vision system. VCMS detects tube type, cap type, cap presence, and identifies barcodes. When integrated with the Microlab STAR, both source tubes and destination labware are scanned to eliminate costly sample transfer errors. As a result, costly sample transfer errors are mitigated.