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  • What is the volumetric range for dispensing?

    0.5 µL to 1 mL

  • How many 96-well plates can be prepped at once?

    It depends. There are 8 ANSI/SLAS footprint positions on the Microlab Prep’s deck, but you’ll need to make room for other important elements in a protocol like pipetting tips, reagent, or even a device like the Hamilton Heater Shaker.

  • Is the Prep compatible with a 96-well head for dispensing?

    The Prep can pipette to 96-well plates, but not with a 96-well head. The Prep can either come with 2 Independent Channels or one 8-Probe Head, or both. This means that it could prepare a 96 well plate 8 wells at a time.

  • How much does the Prep cost?

    It depends on what your lab needs. Visit our configurator to set up the Prep that fits your lab and review the cost in real time.

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The Microlab Prep is supported by a full-featured help center, with knowledge base articles, FAQs, and multiple ways to contact Hamilton for help. If you’re new to the workstation or you just want to optimize performance, we can help.

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