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Hamilton has partnered with Medicinal Genomics

Trust in the combined expertise of Hamilton and Medicinal Genomics for automated cannabis testing workflow solutions that streamline efficiencies and positively impact your results.

Confidence in Cannabis Testing Results

Hamilton and Medicinal Genomics collaborate to ensure safety and quality throughout the cannabis market, from growers, dispensaries and testing laboratories to patients and consumers. Medicinal Genomics has a dedicated focus in cannabis testing technologies, including microbial safety testing, early detection plant screening, DNA purification and genetic sequencing.

Hamilton remains a pioneer in high-precision automated liquid handling technologies that reduce turnaround times and backlogs while increasing sample throughput, workflow efficiencies and quality in results. Hamilton’s automated workflows allow operators to refocus attention away from time-consuming and user-variable or error-prone manual workflows and toward high value tasks.

By leveraging our respective expertise, cannabis laboratories can be assured of timely, cost-effective and accurate results.

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