Trust in the combined expertise of Hamilton and DPX Technologies for automated, INTip™ solutions that streamline sample preapration and positively impact your results.

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Hamilton and DPX Technologies collaborate to strengthen public safety and health care efforts with robust, powerful tools and technologies.

DPX Technologies is committed to providing innovative sample purification solutions. DPX specializes in applications for a diverse client base including clinical and forensic laboratories, food safety, drug discovery and pharmaceutical research. DPX currently offers two main technologies for INTip sample preparation: Dispersive Pipette Extraction Technology and Tip-on-Tip™ Technology.

Dispersive Pipette Extraction

Dispersive pipette extraction is a patented technology that introduces the benefits of solid phase extraction into a revolutionary, easy-to-use pipette tip.

Hamilton remains a pioneer in high-precision automated liquid handling technologies that increase workflow efficiencies, sample throughput, and quality in results.

Hamilton’s automated workflows allow users to refocus attention away fromtime-consuming and user-variable or error-prone manual workflows and towards high value tasks such as analyzing data. By leveraging our respective expertise, research, clinical and forensic laboratories are assured of highly accurate results.

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Tip-on-Tip Technology

Tip-on-Tip (ToT™) is a patent pending technology designed as a natural progression of INTip products to promote the simplification and automation of complex sample preparation. ToT technology has three methodologies: ToT Filtration, ToT Cleanup, and ToT SPE.

This technology provides a fast, automated INTip solution for a variety of applications.

The ToT product line is compatible with Hamilton Robotics systems.

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