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The ELISA VANTAGE assay ready workstation is a fully automated, high-throughput solution for ELISA testing. It is designed to process up to 75 ELISA plates in 24h, with minimal user intervention. It comes with three different demo assays that represent the most common ELISA workflows and can be rapidly adapted to any chemistry.


Popular Kits Supported on this Platform

Platelia SARS-CoV-2 Total Ab from Bio-Rad

Anti-SARS-CoV-2 ELISA (IgG) from Euroimmun

The logistics cabinet houses up to 10 incubator shakers (1), a reader (2), and a washer (3) with all necessary washing solutions (4). This vertical integration saves valuable lab space and the independent track gripper ensures transports from the pipettor to the various working positions below deck, without stopping the pipetting of reagents on deck.

The Entry/Exit module conveniently houses new plates and tips (6), while used plates and tips are collected in the accessible waste (5).

To maximize throughput, the system can be complemented by a dedicated predilution system. Up to 832 samples can be loaded on deck at the same time, maximizing walk-away time. With the Dynamic Scheduler users can see and plan necessary reloading steps at any time.

With this dual system configuration, up to 6550 samples can be processed in 24 hours (Bio-Rad) and 4480 samples, respectively (Euroimmun).


ELISA Antibody Testing

The dilution steps may be executed on a dedicated instrument for maximum throughput.

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