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Microlab STAR liquid handling system

Fully Automated Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Workflows

The Bioanalytical STARlet assay ready workstation fully automates sample processing in specialized FlipTube 1.5 mL microcentrifuge tubes for therapeutic drug monitoring in pre-analytical and analytical LC-MS workflows. The system is ideal for use with blood, serum or plasma samples as it increases throughput, repeatability, traceability and workflow efficiency while decreasing active labor time and risks of human error and cross contamination.

Not currently available in the US, South and Central America, Japan, and other Pacific Rim countries.

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Features and Benefits

Convenient Flexibility

The Bioanalytical STARlet integrates all sample processing tools in one hands-free and compact unit, including liquid handling, barcode reading, centrifugation, shaking, and direct injection into a 6-port 15,000 psi HPLC valve without the need for an autosampler. Additional conveniences and flexible features include:

  • Autoload
  • CO-RE Gripper on waste block for bottle lid transportation
  • Reagent carrier 8 x 50 mL bottles
  • Reagent lid carrier for 8 lids movable with the CO-RE Gripper
  • 8 x 50 mL metal lids for tight closure and reduced concentration changes of reagents in Schott bottles

Reliable, Efficient, Precise

Set-Up Options

FlipTube 1.5 mL microcentrifuge tubes were specifically designed for use in automated workflows as well as manual workflows. The unique lid design tightly seals to the tube to minimize sample evaporation, and also provides hands-free opening and closing via the FlipTube Tool without generating aerosols. Single sample processing using FlipTubes avoids sample degradation and improves workflow efficiency.

Confidence in Accurate, Reliable Results

Fully automated sample processing provides consistency and traceability throughout the workflow, and also allows for priority sample processing when necessary. Additionally, safeguards are in place to eliminate sample carry-over and timing effects such as degradation or sample metabolism that may impact results. Each run, including complete sample tracking and operator information, is summarized in a downloadable report file, and may be integrated into a LIMS system.

Precision Pipetting

Air displacement pipetting using Hamilton tips with CO-RE (Compressed O-Ring Expansion) technology provides superior measurement accuracy, precision, and reproducibility without tip distortion or aerosol generation during tip pick-up and ejection.


All specifications are based on the Microlab STARlet.

31.1 in (788 mm)
Length (With Autoload)39.7 in (1008 mm)
Width54.8 in (1391 mm)
Height35.7 in (905 mm)

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