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Reaction Setup

Reaction PCR

The Hamilton Microlab STAR line is a versatile platform ideally suited for automation of any PCR and other genomics-related experiment.

Flexible deck capacity for any kind of throughput, superior pipetting precision for low-volume and contamination-free pipetting of DNA and reagents, broadest array of carriers supporting any tube and any 96- or 384-well plate, on-deck heating and cooling devices as well as off-deck integration of thermal cyclers or readers, enables researchers to perfectly match their automation needs for their labs.

The software is equally suited for beginners and advanced users and support complex data handling and LIMS integration.

Fast and reliable real time PCR quantification of leukemia associated genes

Quantitative PCR experiments require extremely high precision in small volume handling and are often used as high throughput methods where reproducibility has to be guaranteed.

Hamilton´s Microlab STAR is an ideal platform for automating sample preparation for quantitative PCR. In this study it was used to prepare the real-time PCR set-up for both, calibration curve generation and quantitative analysis of expression levels for 140 genes in leukemia patients.

Features and Benefits

  • Time saving: plate setup eight time faster that manual setup (15 min vs. 120 min)
  • Reliable and precise system for quantitative PCR set-up
  • Different protocols can be realized
  • Experimental set-up for real time PCR quantification using Platinum® SYBR® Green qPCR SuperMix UDG
  • Automation assures contamination-free processes and high quality detection of expression levels
  • System provides error-free pipetting and prevents any mix-up of samples or plates.
  • Flexible use of different input and output tubes and plates in various arrangements


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