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PCR setup

PCR Setup

The Hamilton Microlab STAR line is a versatile platform ideally suited for automation of any PCR and other genomics-related experiment.

Flexible deck capacity for any kind of throughput, superior pipetting precision for low-volume and contamination-free pipetting of DNA and reagents, broadest array of carriers supporting any tube and any 96- or 384-well plate, on-deck heating and cooling devices as well as off-deck integration of thermal cyclers or readers, enables researchers to perfectly match their automation needs for their labs.

The software is equally suited for beginners and advanced users and support complex data handling and LIMS integration.

Contamination-free fully automated PCR setup for forensic DNA analysis

Introduction of real-time PCR for DNA quantification prior to STR PCR lead to increased throughput requirements for PCR preparation. At the same time, errors in sample preparation and any cross contamination had to be avoided.

PCR is a key method in forensics enabling generation of DNA profiles from traces and identification of individuals. A large number of different samples have to be analyzed quickly and reliably. This means hundreds of individual PCR reactions per day. At the Saxon State Office of Criminal Investigation samples are initially analysed by real time PCR. Subsequently samples are subjected to STR (“Short Tandem Repeats” in non-coding DNA) PCR for DNA profiling. Automating the PCR setup required a pipetting technique which prevents cross contamination between samples and which has a high precision down to 0.5μl volumes.

Features and Benefits

  • Flexible setup of a great variety of STR kits (ABI, Biotype, Qiagen, Promega)
  • Used in routine forensic DNA analysis laboratory that cannot tolerate any errors or delays
  • Contamination-free pipetting is ensured by Hamilton´s unique air displacement technology
  • High process safety: eliminates the risk of mixing up samples
  • Can deal with large number of individual traces day by day
  • Greatly increases PCR sample preparation efficiency
  • Easy-to-use: sixteen users have access to the system and find it easy to use


Download Application Note

PCR setup for plant genotyping

Sequencing and genotyping analysis in plant genomics research usually involves large numbers of individual reactions. Laboratories thus often face the challenge of processing hundreds to thousands of samples per day, making laboratory automation an absolute necessity. For this application Hamilton has designed a high throughput PCR setup solution for plant genotyping, allowing preparation of plates in 96-well and 384-well formats, and processing of up to 24 PCR plates in parallel without user intervention. By using washable steel needles for PCR mixes, costs for tip consumption can be considerably reduced.

Features and Benefits

  • Processing of up to 24 96-well PCR plates without any user intervention
  • Wash station for steel needles provides contamination-free sample preparation and reduces the running costs to a minimum as no disposable tips are used
  • Good reproducibility for low volume pipetting (2 and 3μl) compared to manual pipetting
  • Efficient system for highly repetitive application
  • Elimination of pipetting errors