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Sample Lysis and Processing


Preparation of cleared lysates from various biological samples, such as FFPE tissue, swabs, cloth cuttings, etc., is a major bottleneck for many labs.

It is a time-consuming, tedious, manual procedure.

Hamilton's Microlab® AutoLys STAR liquid handling workstation provides a breakthrough fully automated time- and labor-saving solution for lysis and nucleic acid extraction.

AutoLys tubes with 2D barcodes ensure the chain of custody is maintained.






Colony picking is a very labor-intensive task that is generally performed during cloning protocols. Manual colony picking is both slow and tedious. Automation makes the process more consistent and reliable, as well as considerably faster. The introduction of integrated colony pickers on liquid-handling platforms has revolutionized gene cloning and colony picking workflows, allowing time-efficient and error-free cloning processes together with automation of additional upstream and downstream processes.

Hamilton´s easyPick system combines advanced liquid and plate handling with powerful colony detection. Bacteria, yeast and other fungi colonies as well as mammalian cell clones can be picked with high speed. Upstream and downstream processes can be included.

Features and Benefits

  • Increase colony picking speed
  • Achieve consistent and reliable results
  • Include automated colony picking, image acquisition, image processing, and sample preparation for related downstream processes on one instrument
  • Intended for colony types used in various processes such as cloning or screening of bacteria, yeast or phages. Tested for mammalian cells, e.g. for selection of hybridomas and transfected cells for mammalian cell line generation
  • Open platform for further automation of processes such as plasmid isolation, gel loading or sample preparation for PCR, sequencing and others
  • Scalability through the addition of workstations, pipetting heads, and plate handling tools to ensure efficient resource management to meet the changing demands in Genomics, Cellomics, protein production, and Drug Discovery applications


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AutoLysHamilton’s Microlab® AutoLys STAR liquid handling workstation provides a fully automated solution for lysis and DNA extraction from dried blood and saliva stains, swabs, paper punches, cigarette butts, hard tissues and other forensic specimens residing on solid surfaces. Major bottlenecks in the DNA isolation process are sample preparation and lysis steps. These early steps are not only time consuming but possible sources of human error and cross contamination. The Hamilton AutoLys workstation provides a unique solution that fully automates the entire sample lysis and lysate recovery process. Additionally, the Autolys workstation can be configured to automate the complete process from raw sample lysis through DNA purification. Revolutionary AutoLys channels and Autolys tubes have been developed to fully automate the lysis process while guaranteeing sample integrity, traceability and DNA yields. The unique Autolys tube carries out hands-free, uninterrupted preparation of cleared lysates separated from solid material.