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Forensic Toxicology and Chemistry


Forensic, diagnostics and pharmaceutical laboratories need simple and reliable solutions to prepare biological samples for downstream analysis with a variety of analytical instruments.  Hamilton can provide automated liquid handling for sample processing and, in many cases, integrated instrument analysis. 

Carosuel   NIMBUS ELISA   Blood
Blood Alcohol
Drugs of Abuse
Heavy Metals & other Poisons

Blood alcohol for GC analysis.   Hamilton STARline instruments can transfer blood with diluent directly to a GC carousel (ex: Turbo Matrix 15“diameter) placed on the robot deck.

  • STARline

A variety of sample types (urine, hair, blood, serum, stained cards, swabs) can be automatically processed for Drugs of Abuse, pain management and other assays.  Examples of assay types include fully automated plate ELISA setup and analysis, sample preparation for homogeneous immunoassay analysis, or GC, LC, and MS analysis.



Whole blood or blood-stained cards, urine and plasma can be automatically processed for heavy metal analysis (ex:  lead, aluminum, arsenic, mercury, etc) using AA or ICP-MS instruments.