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Sample Analysis from Animal Models and Disease Models

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Samples collected from animal studies or in vitro disease models at various time points need to be organized, stored and analyzed. An automated system enables a consistent chain of custody, full traceability and consistent quality of results.

Animal models can provide a variety of samples ranging from serum or plasma to tissue homogenates, spinal fluid or synovial fluid. Hamilton’s proven Monitored Air Displacement (MAD) technology enables our liquid handlers to pipette even those sticky and viscous samples with high accuracy and precision. In case of clots, it can trigger customizable, automated error-handling routine that can help, for instance, avoid losing valuable sample.

In vitro disease models often require culture and maintenance of cells or tissues in a sterile environment over the course of days and weeks. Hamilton has built great expertise in designing and building fully automated cell and tissue culture systems as well as technology for cell and tissue lysis such as our AutoLys.