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Drug Discovery

High-Throughput Screening

When trying to find the right compound in a library of thousands or millions of molecules, automation can make a huge difference. Screens can take days and weeks, all compounds need to be tracked and day-to-day variations need to be minimized to compare compounds and filter out a handful of leads.

Automation is the key for those screens as it can provide the traceability and the consistency required. From diluting a compound and creating compound plates to seeding assay plates with cells, every step of a high-throughput screen can be monitored and the path of a plate or even single compounds can be traced through the entire process.

Hamilton offers different liquid handling platforms together with the flexibility to integrate 3rd party devices and a variety of barcode reader options to enable 1-D and 2-D barcode reading on tubes, cluster tube racks and plates for tracking plate barcodes and compound IDs in order to fit any application requirement.