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Dilution of Beer and Wine for Alcohol Analysis

Wine and Beer

There are several techniques for measuring the alcohol concentration of beer and wine. For large Food and Beverage companies with numerous samples to process, the technique of choice is Gas Chromatography (GC). GC is a high-throughput technique that provides precise results. To prepare samples for analysis by GC, they must first be diluted and spiked with an internal standard. The Microlab 600 accomplishes this task in a single step, delivering the diluted sample directly into the GC vial.

Why choose the Microlab 600 for Alcohol Analysis?

Alcohol testing is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), requiring reliable and traceable methods.The Microlab 600 comes complete with a calibration certificate that is traceable to N.I.S.T. standards. The Microlab 600 is a positive displacement system that is not susceptible to variations in atmospheric pressure like traditional air displacement pipettes. Dilution methods are stored on the system and recalled prior to use, ensuring that the same method is followed day in and day out. The user simply triggers the hand probe to aspirate or dispense the liquid. By automating the pipetting functionality, technique-dependent variability is minimized.