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Plasmid Purification from E.Coli.


Plasmid purification is an important step in many molecular biology applications such as cloning, PCR amplification etc. Hamilton has developed a fully automated plasmid purification workstation with maximum reliability, yield and throughput with the MILLIPORE Montage Plasmid Miniprep96 Kit on the Microlab STAR. The kit includes all the reagents and disposable materials needed to purify Plasmid DNA out of bacteria culture in 96-well format. After lysis of the bacterial cultures, only three quick filtration steps are required to prepare 96 clean DNA samples from each plate. The plasmid purification of 96 samples is completed in less than one hour. Purified samples are suitable for the most sensitive downstream applications including cloning, DNA sequencing and transformation. These and other applications like DNA digestion or PCR set up can be automated on the same platform.

The Microlab STAR pipetting workstation allows both the usage of steel needles and disposable tips within the same run, which helps to reduce the running cost per isolation

Features of Automation


Benefits of Automation

  • Microlab STAR, 8 channels, with integrated iSWAP robotic plate-handler
  • BVS Vacuum System with specific Manifold for Millipore filter plates
  • Variomag Teleshake for shaking of MTP and DWP
  • Needle Wash Station and Steel Needles
  • All required carriers and labware
  • Fully automated walk-away processing with built-in robotic plate handler
  • High purity, yields and reproducibility
  • Low running costs due to possible combined usage of steel needles and disposable tips
  • Additional applications, such as DNA quantification and normalization, PCR set-up, or restriction analysis can be automated on the same platform
  • Other Millipore kit types can be automated on the same platform