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Sample Prep for Cryopreservation


Cells are susceptible to damage from microbial contamination, time and culture conditions that can vary in pH, temperature and energy levels. Cryopreservation protects cells, and more importantly, the time and resources invested during cell culture and proliferation.

Cryopreservation is an integral part of a proper cell banking system because it reduces microbial contamination, cross contamination, genetic drift and morphological changes. Cryopreservation also eliminates the need to keep cell stocks in culture for extended times, which saves consumables and staff time.

Hamilton Robotics automated systems offer the assurance of consistent handling of cell samples during cryopreservation. Combined with Hamilton Storage Technologies to offer all-inclusive systems that can integrate cryopreservation with a cell banking system, Hamilton Robotics provides a key component of cell-based research that can be automated with cell culture and cell-based assays. By limiting hands-on time, Hamilton Robotics automated solutions enable consistent and efficient cryopreservation preparation. 

Features of Automation


Benefits of Automation

  • Scalable and flexible platforms and software
  • Venus Software enables:
    • Coordination of cell cryopreservation preparation activities
    • Sample and data tracking
  • Contamination-free workspace and system
  • Automated Air Displacement Pipetting Technology enables contamination-free liquid handling compared to liquid-filled systems
    • Pipetting volume range of 0.5 to 5000 µL
  • Consistent handling of cells
  • Integrated cryopreservation prep and banking
  • Cross-contamination prevention
  • Increased sample integrity and audit trail
  • Increased efficiency by speeding the handling and protection of cell lines
  • Microlab STAR 8 Channel System with Plate Gripper
  • HEPA Filtered Hood
  • On-deck chilling and Tilting Modules
  • Media Supply Modules
  • Optional:
    • CO2 controlled incubator
    • Cytometer
    • Detection devices