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Cell Banking

Cell Banking

Cell banking offers more than simple storage of cell lines for future use. A well-organized cell banking system also offers a complete process for tracking and cataloging cells with specific details, including time of storage, temperature, number of thaw cycles and passage number. A comprehensive cell banking system adds the integrity of an audit trail to advanced cell-based research projects. A properly maintained cell bank limits the amount of hands-on time with cell lines, reducing the potential of cross contamination with other cells. 

Cell banking reduces costs in the form of staff time and consumables, and in research labs with high staff or student turnover, an established cell bank will reduce errors stemming from improper handling. Cell banking is a necessary component of every advanced cell-based research project.   

Hamilton Robotics automated systems, partnered with Hamilton Storage Technologies, provide a complete cell banking package that integrates cell culture and cell-based assays. Automated handling and storage of cell lines increases the integrity of cell-based research by building a complete audit trail that tracks the details and history of every cell sample. 

Features of Automation


Benefits of Automation

  • Scalable and flexible platforms and software
  • Venus Software enables:
    • Coordination of cell cryopreservation preparation activities
    • Sample and data tracking
  • Contamination-free workspace and system
  • Automated Air Displacement Pipetting Technology enables contamination-free liquid handling compared to liquid-filled systems
    • Pipetting volume range of 0.5 to 5000 µL
  • Completely integrated system
  • Limited hands-on time with cells
  • Cross-contamination prevention
  • Increased sample integrity and audit trail
  • Minimizes consumable and staff time costs
  • Increased efficiency by speeding the handling and protection of cell lines
  • Microlab STAR 8 Channel System with Plate Gripper
  • HEPA Filtered Hood
  • On-deck chilling and Tilting Modules
  • Media Supply Modules
  • Optional:
    • Integration with Hamilton Storage
    • CO2 controlled incubator
    • Cytometer
    • Detection devices