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Magnetic Separation

Magnetic Separation

Advanced cell-based research requires cell isolation techniques in addition to cell culture. Magnetic-based separation can separate cells of almost any type from whole blood, bone marrow or buffy coat. Typically, CD antibodies or antigens are coupled to nanosized paramagnetic or superparamagnetic molecules. When mixed with cells and incubated under certain buffer conditions, the now-conjugated magnetic molecules are exposed to a magnetic field to perform the separation. Positive or negative selection can be performed, depending on the needs of the assay. This technique yields highly purified isolations of cells for a variety of downstream cell-based applications, including flow cytometry, sequencing or sample enrichment

Hamilton Robotics' automated solutions are adaptable to a variety of magnetic-based cell separation techniques. Instead of using stand-alone automated solutions for magnetic separation, Hamilton Robotics solutions integrate multiple steps in cell-based research. These systems enable  more freedom in selecting scientific solutions because many different magnetic cell separation systems can be integrated.

Features of Automation


Benefits of Automation

  • Integration of magnetic separators
  • Scalable and flexible platforms and software
  • Venus Software enables:
    • Coordination of activities over long periods of time
    • Sample and data tracking
  • Contamination-free workspace and system
  • Automated Air Displacement Pipetting Technology enables contamination-free liquid handling compared to liquid-filled systems
    • Pipetting volume range of 0.5 to 5000 µL
  • Compatible with 24- and 96-well format
  • Deliver greater precision, accuracy and consistency with minimized sample handling
  • Eliminate sample cross contamination
  • Increase processing speed
  • Decrease the amount of hands-on time and save technicians time and fatigue