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Cell Separation

Cell Separation

To understand the mechanisms  of cell behavior and learn what allows cells to grow and differentiate, researchers must work with specific types of cell populations. Monoclonal antibodies are commonly used to tag different cell types based on the expression of certain markers. This process is tedious and thousands of different marker combinations can be expressed at various levels.

With Hamilton’s Automated Liquid Handling and integrated platforms, this task can be sped considerably , allowing researchers to spend their hands-on time doing other important laboratory tasks and focusing on the downstream assays for the isolated cells.

  • easyBlood – Automated blood fractionation system
  • Containment Solutions – Enables sample protection and integrity and offers a protected and contamination-free work area
    • HEPA Hood
    • Integration of BSL II Cabinets (NuAire and Baker)
    • Custom Enclosures
  • Integration of CO2 Incubators (Liconic, Thermo Cytomat)
  • Integration of Magnetic Separators and Flow Cytometers
  • Plate Tilting – Allows for complete removal of cell suspensions and media when passaging, harvesting or changing media in adherent cell cultures
  • Heated and Shaking Plate Locations – Maintains reagents and cells at a controlled temperature during processing steps that take place on liquid handler deck;  shaking can help to dissociate difficult-to-detach adherent cell lines for passaging and harvesting
    • Hamilton Heater Shakers
    • MFX Heating Module
    • Inheco CPAC
    • Five-position recirculating carrier
  • Media Fill Line – Enables a completely disposable sterile fluid path for media, with the ability to maintain temperatures
    • Heats media or PBS in line
    • Can store media in a 4°C cooled fridge
    • Sterile disposable trough for reagents on deck
    • Compatible with commonly used media bags and containers
    • Equipped with sensors for automated volume control
  • Cytometers – Allow  for confluence monitoring and cell counting (Brooks Celigo, MD CSI, Cellavista)
  • Sterile Consumables