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Cell Screening and Detection

Cell-based assays have become increasingly popular for drug discovery due to their biological relevance, and the fact that the representative data generated is closer to in vivo models than traditional biochemical assays.

Demand for high-throughput, cell-based assays will continue to grow with the need to generate as much data as possible, and the demand for standardization and qualification of drug candidates.

Hamilton understands the demands of high-throughput, cell-based screening and is dedicated to providing solutions for demands such as:

  • Miniaturizing and multiplexing
  • Complex multistep assays
  • Extensive incubations
  • Scheduling
  • Data tracking

Our systems enable complete automation of these assay demands in a more standardized, accurate and flexible manner while enabling researchers to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

  • Incubators
  • Suspension Modules
  • Washers and Dispensers
  • Detection and Imaging
  • Centrifugation
  • Custom Slide Tilt Module – Available for NIMBUS® and MultiFlex STAR format; enables automated washing of slides
    • Holds up to two tilt modules per unit
    • Recessed mounting for overflow protection
    • Sloped drain trough with single rear-exiting outlet
    • Active or passive options available
  • Slide Adapters
    • Accommodates standard slides and chamber slide format