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Limiting Dilution Cloning

Limiting Dilution Cloning

The past few years have seen vast improvements in cell culture techniques to produce biological components, in particular, techniques to produce monoclonal antibodies with greater specificity and quality. One of the most labor-intensive steps in the antibody production process is culturing clonal cultures and screening them for the presence of antibodies of interest.

Hamilton offers solutions that allow scientists to increase the production of these antibodies by automating these procedures and enabling increased throughput and scalability.

Features of Automation


Benefits of Automation

  • HEPA Hood for a contamination-free workspace
  • Liquid-sensing Media Supply Module for sterile delivery of media
  • Automated plate tilting and processing for media changes and passaging
  • Optional third-party device integrations
    • Monoclonality analysis
    • Clone selection
    • Confluence monitoring
    • Cell viability and counting
    • Antibody titer analysis
  • Walkaway processing for cell expansion and scale-up
  • Overnight processing for antibody titer analysis
  • Complete and automated sample and data tracking
  • Microlab STAR 4-8 Channel System with Plate Gripper and optional Multi-Probe Head
  • HEPA Filtered Hood
  • Optional:
    • 5 mL Channels
    • CO2 controlled Incubator
    • Forte Bio Octet
    • Cytometers (Flow and Imaging)
    • Detection Devices for Downstream Assays
    • On-deck Heating and Tilting Modules
    • Media Supply Modules