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Cell Line Development

Cell Line Development

Take the time out of cell engineering and cloning with Hamilton Robotics

With Hamilton’s Automated Liquid Handling Platforms and Integrated Systems, researchers can save time and resources by automating their cell line development process. Our systems enable researchers to quickly and efficiently develop extremely robust and stable high-producing cell lines, while improving throughput and reducing workload. The system can also reduce the overall cost of development.

Transfection is a random process that is often a major bottleneck in the cell line development. Identifying clones that have integrated the correct gene of interest can require screening thousands of clones before finding the highest producers. In addition, sub-cloning needs to be performed for weeks before assuring the true clonal cell line has been selected, and manually maintaining this process and tracking it is time consuming and tedious.

Hamilton offers automated solutions for screening cultures and colony detection, as well as confirmation and tittering assays and culture and expansion capabilities.

Mircolab Technology, Devices and Accessories
  • EasyPick Software
  • Camera Channel and Light Table
  • ClonaCell EasyPick
  • Containment Solutions – Enable sample protection and integrity and offer a protected and contamination-free work area
    • HEPA Hood
    • Integration of BSL II Cabinets ( e.g. NuAire and Baker)
    • Custom Enclosures
  • Integration of CO2 Incubators (e.g. Liconic, Thermo Cytomat)
  • Plate Tilting – Allows for complete removal of cell suspensions and media when passaging, harvesting or changing media
  • Media Fill Line – Allows for completely disposable sterile fluid path for media with the ability to maintain temperatures
    • Heats media or PBS in line
    • Can store media in 4°C cooled fridge
    • Media is heated in line on path to deck
    • Sterile disposable trough for reagents on deck
    • Compatible with commonly used media bags and containers
    • Equipped with sensors for automated volume control 
  • Cytometers for confluence monitoring and cell counting (e.g. Brooks Celigo, MD CSI, Cellavista)
  • Sterile Consumables