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Media Development

Media Development

Because of the vast differences and nutritional requirements among different cell lines, cell culture media that supply these cells with nutrients in culture are composed of hundreds of components. All of these components can vary in their concentration from one media type to another, or within the same media type.

Optimization of cell culture media to produce consistent cell growth and performance in culture can take several months.  It requires complex feeding strategies and screening multiple nutrient combinations to produce reproducible and quality media.

Because researches are continually developing new cell lines and must maintain these cells in culture for bioproduction and downstream assays, media quality is of the utmost importance.

Hamilton Robotics Automated Systems enable researchers to cultivate multiple sample types under the same conditions. Our liquid handling instruments can automatically add multiple components at varying concentrations to media formulations for development and optimization. Our systems can also monitor cell growth and help researchers adjust the nutrients as they see fit, based on data output from integrated devices such as cell imagers and plate readers.

With an automated system, researchers can improve their media development time, which  enables them to increase cell growth and production.

Features of Automation


Benefits of Automation

  • Flexible labware for media combinations
    • Deep-well plates
    • Culture plates and tubes
    • Reservoirs
  • Automated Air Displacement Pipetting Technology enables contamination-free liquid handling compared to liquid-filled systems
    • Pipetting volume range of 0.5 to 5000 µL
  • Larger sample size and increased screening capabilities
  • Ability to combine many media formulations
  • Contamination-free workspace and system
  • Microlab STAR 8-16 Channel System
  • Integrated Plate Reader for detection
  • On-deck Heating and Shaking Modules
  • Media Supply Modules
  • Optional HEPA Hood and integrated CO2 Incubators