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Automated CACO-2 Cell Culture and Maintenance


Automating the growth and maintenance of a Caco-2 cell line helps to ensure that the culture is free from contamination and greatly improves consistency. Hamilton Robotics has developed a method designed to process various trans-well plate formats on the Microlab STAR Automated Liquid Handling Workstation. The entire system is housed in a BSL-2 (biosafety level 2) enclosure, ensuring culture sterility and user safety. Hamilton’s air displacement-based pipetting virtually eliminates contamination. Hamilton Robotics has successfully worked with and automated numerous customer processes, including many unique cell culture growth applications.

System Features:
  • High-throughput cell culture
  • Fits in BSL-2 enclosure
  • Contamination-free pipetting


System Requirements Hamilton Part Number

MICROLAB STAR, manually loading, with 8 independent pipetting channels 173000-026
CO-RE gripper 184089
VENUS two software 911004-V2
Carrier for five deep well plates, PLT_CAR_L5AC x 4 182090
Multiflex module bracket 7T 188133APE
iSWAP microplate gripper 190220
Heater Shaker base 187001
Heating module 188045
Seesaw module 188063APE
Plate stack module 188044
Tilt module 188061APE
Labware Required Hamilton Part Number

50 μL CO-RE disposable tips without filters (black conductive) 235966
300 μL CO-RE disposable tips without filters (black conductive) 235902
1000 μL CO-RE disposable tips without filters (black conductive) 235904
User-Supplied Materials Part Number

12 mm Transwell* support with 3.0 μm pore size 3402 (Corning)
6.5 mm Transwell* support with 8.0 μm pore size 3422 (Corning)

*Transwell is a registered trademark of Corning, Inc.
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