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Pure Beer for half a Millenium

Hamilton Bonaduz AG celebrates 500 years Reinheitsgebot with their sensor solutions for dissolved oxygen measurement 

(Bonaduz, 03/15/2016) – Hamilton Bonaduz AG celebrates with the German brewers association the 500th birthday of the ‘Reinheitsgebot’ aka the ‘German Beer Purity Law’. The law rooted in Bavaria was established 1516 and has not lost its effectiveness until today. According to this law, the only ingredients that are allowed to be used in the production of beer are water, barley and hops. The nature of yeast was not fully understood until several hundred years later, but is now included in the law that makes the German art of brewing one of the oldest consumer and health protecting processes worldwide. To ensure the quality standards set for the German beer production processes, Hamilton provides with its sensors VisiTrace DO and Beverly the highest level of performance for measuring dissolved oxygen in brewery processes.

VisiTrace DO provides an optical sensor technology for the precise measurement of oxygen concentrations in low ppb ranges. The company meets therewith an essential need for brewery processes notably after the filtration, before filling and after water-de-aeration. The oxygen-sensitive sensor cap is stabilized against active chlorine and chlorine dioxide – substances that are usually used in the CIP solution or the rinsing water. Another benefit of the sensor is the short response time, which ensures a rapid detection of changing dissolved oxygen contents. An integrated micro transmitter in the sensor head provides reliable signals directly to the process control system via a 4-20 mA interface. Furthermore, wireless data exchange with smartphones and tablets equipped with the specially developed app is ensured with the integrated Bluetooth 4.0 interface. The required app is available for iOS and Android and offers the same functionality with the devices at the tank or at the pipe as they have it with the process control system. Sensor status, self-diagnosis information and current measurement values are shown - facilitating the process of adjustments if needed.

The portable measuring device Beverly was developed by the Swiss specialist in close cooperation with breweries. It provides easy and fast quality control at any point during the brewing process. Beverly uses the optical dissolved oxygen sensor VisiFerm DO with an integrated intelligence, based on an oxygen-dependent fluorescence measuring principle. Users benefit furthermore from the long battery life - supporting 50 hours of continuous operation. In addition, Beverly convinces with its robust design needed for the harsh brewery conditions equipped the IP 67 protection against moisture, user-friendly operation and extremely easy maintenance. The device provides especially for small and medium-sized breweries the highest efficiency at a fair price. Both solutions, VisiTrace DO and Beverly, secure the way to high-quality and tasty beer.