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New sensor VisiTrace DO

High performance trace measurement in low ppb dissolved oxygen ranges

(Bonaduz, April 13, 2015) – Hamilton Bonaduz AG introduces new sensor technology for exacting measurement of dissolved oxygen in low ppb ranges. The VisiTrace optical DO sensor meets crucial needs in industries like power plants and breweries where controlling the dissolved oxygen to low ppb levels is important for maintaining product quality or reducing downtime.

VisiTrace DO provides the ability to rapidly and precisely perform measurements across its 0 - 2,000 ppb dissolved oxygen range. It provides accurate and undistorted results across all conditions and concentrations and is not affected by flow, pressure or presence of CO2. Startup is quick because the optical sensor does not require polarization. Maintenance is easy and seldom required – just a quick exchange of the sensor cap.

For power plants, maintaining low oxygen levels in the boiler water is a critical control parameter. Oxygen is the primary source of boiler corrosion. Controlling the dissolved oxygen content to low ppb ranges is important to reduce downtime resulting from corrosion. Unlike amperometric DO sensors, the optical Visitrace DO is not affected by hydrogen that is sometimes generated when hydrazine is used as an oxygen scavenger.

For breweries a key advantage of the Visitrace DO is the optical sensor cap that is resistant to cleaning solutions containing chemicals such as active chlorine and chlorine dioxide. Also, the robust sensor does not need calibration after each CIP cycle. This assures reliable operation with minimum maintenance. A microtransmitter integrated in the sensor head delivers a 4-20 mA output measurement directly to the process control system without need of a separate transmitter.  Setup, calibration, diagnostic and other relevant data is saved in its on-board memory. Integrated Bluetooth 4.0 makes it possible to wirelessly monitor, configure and calibrate the VisiTrace sensor from smartphones and tablets.