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Hamilton is market leader in optical dissolved oxygen sensors

Sensors for various applications impress customers around the globe

(Bonaduz, 13.05.2015) – Hamilton Bonaduz AG succeeded in positioning itself on top of the optical dissolved oxygen sensors market. In contrast to amperometric sensors, optical dissolved oxygen sensors offer many advantages: Faster and constant response characteristics, easy and time-saving maintenance without polarization allowing reliable results with minimum downtimes.  The optical dissolved oxygen measurement is based on the fluorescence of an oxygen-sensitive luminophore located in the sensor cap. This luminophore gets excited by a blue light and emits a part of the absorbed energy as red fluorescent light. If oxygen is present, the luminophore transfers its energy to the oxygen molecules. As a consequence the fluorescence will be quenched, depending on the amount of oxygen. The basis of the measurement is the time gap between the blue excitation and the red light emission, indicating the partial pressure of oxygen. Due to the fact that calibration data is stored in the sensor head and measurements are processed in the sensors’ microprocessor, external transmitters are no longer necessary. With VisiFerm, VisiPro and VisiTrace there’s an optical dissolved oxygen sensor available for almost every kind of application. All necessary certifications, such as the ATEX/IECEx can be provided. Customers in the food and beverage industry, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and chemical industry as well as power plants convinced themselves of the advantages of optical dissolved oxygen sensors, and contributed considerably to the leading market position of Hamilton.