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Hamilton Robotics [MPE]2 Automated Module

Positive pressure, evaporation and cap mat sealing increases throughput and walkaway time

Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening, Washington, D.C., (February 8, 2015) -
Hamilton Company a leading provider in the design and manufacture of liquid handling, process measurement, robotics and storage solutions, introduced the [MPE]2, a first of its kind automated module used for positive pressure, evaporation and cap mat sealing.

The Hamilton [MPE]2 small footprint can easily be integrated onto any of Hamilton’s liquid handling robotic systems; NIMBUS, STAR and our newest platform the VANTAGE Liquid Handling System.  The [MPE]2‘s small size makes it scalable allowing the addition of multiple units on a single liquid handler, thus increasing throughput and walkaway time. Easy installation allows for future installs without the need for deck modifications or service visits.

The Patented [MPE]2 incorporates three functionalities in one. [MPE]2 is a positive pressure SPE with a dual circuit even-flow manifold capable of applying up to 100psi of pressure to the top of a SBS footprint filter plate/column; [MPE]2 is an evaporator which can deliver heated air of up to 32 °C (90 °F) to accelerate evaporation of the liquids contained within the plates/columns and the [MPE]2 is a cap mat sealer that uses air pressure to attach the sealant to the plate.

The [MPE]2 is compact, easily integrated and versatile and addresses the filtration needs of many labs for applications like: bead-based DNA extractions, protein purification, analytical chemistry, drugs of abuse sample preparation and many more.

Hamilton Company will be exhibiting the [MPE]2 during the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening, SLAS (Hamilton Company booth # 501), in Washington, D.C., February 7-11, 2015.   

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