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Hamilton Robotics Allows Software Backward Compatibility for Liquid Handling

Hamilton VANTAGEMicrolab® VANTAGE Liquid Handling System™ can easily run existing STAR software methods

Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening, Washington, D.C., (February 8, 2015) -
Hamilton Company a leading provider in the design and manufacture of liquid handling, process measurement, robotics and storage solutions, introduces software backward compatibility on the latest platform, the Microlab® VANTAGE Liquid Handling System™.  

The VANTAGE Liquid Handling System, when first launched allowed for backward compatibility for hardware (STAR carriers, labware, and tools), but our customers have asked us to allow the use of existing software methods as well.  We listened and now we have the ability to easily run existing STAR methods, liquid classes, and labware definitions on the Vantage platform.  This feature allows labs a quick transition to the latest in Hamilton liquid handling technology.  

The VANTAGE's flexibility in being the platform for many different assay types is now increased by also granting the flexibility of giving customers the freedom to choose the software platform that fits their needs.  Today’s research demands the best platforms, and Vantage offers that with established CO-RE pipetting technology expanded with non-contact nanoliter pipetting, quiet and robust linear drives, vertical storage of labware, and on/off/below deck integrations of many different devices.  We continue to listen to what the market wants and the market has asked for backward compatibility.  Hamilton once again is giving our customers what they ask for.     

Hamilton Company will be exhibiting the NIMBUS4 system during the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening, SLAS (Hamilton Company booth # 501), in Washington, D.C., February 7-11, 2015  

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