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FlipTube A 1.5 mL Designed for Automation

Industries first automatable 1.5 mL conical Microcentrifuge Tube


BONADUZ, Switzerland (May 28, 2014) - FlipTube A from Hamilton Robotics, Bonaduz is an innovative solution for a 1.5 ml microcentrifuge tube, which resolves one major drawback of standard reaction tube: the impossibility of automatically opening and closing conical microcentrifuge tubes.

Most commonly used micro tubes cannot be automated, as they need to be opened and closed to complete the process. Users who work with infectious / toxic materials or volatile liquids may face an issue: Samples need to be processed manually in a micro tube or with screw-cap tubes. For large numbers of samples, this is very inconvenient, impractical, and often susceptible to contamination.
In order to eliminate the "bottleneck" of the manual opening and closing of the lid and the existing disadvantages during processing of "difficult" samples, the FlipTube A was developed.

Contamination-free and safety workflow with FlipTube Tool

Due to the specially designed lid geometry of FlipTube A 1.5 mL and the newly developed FlipTube tool, the opening / closing of the hinged lid can now be securely controlled by an automated process. By applying a stepwise gentle pressure from the FlipTube Tool on the rear end of the hinged lid, the tube lid is opened contamination-free and enables new applications in liquid-handling workflow that can  be simplified by individual solutions.

As a standalone consumable the FlipTube A 1.5 mL significantly reduces also the risk of sample contamination, as during the opening process, the thumb never comes in contact with the lid.
The FlipTube A is  available for guaranteed purity, additionally in Biological purity tested
and in Biological purityPLUS grade. 


With the FlipTube A from Hamilton Robotics, is now the first micro centrifuge tube available, that can be opened and closed automatically, as needed - also several times, according to the specific application and offers a fully walk away automated process. This product fills the gap between the existing conical microtube versions and enabling the time-saving, easy and secure automated processing of difficult samples (contamination and evaporation protection, minimizing contact with toxic substances).

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