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Hamilton Company Acquires Fogale's Biomass Measurement Business

Hamilton Bonaduz AG and Fogale Nanotech have signed an agreement for the acquisition of Fogale’s biomass measurement products

BONADUZ, Switzerland (Dec 9, 2013) – Hamilton concludes agreement to acquire the biotech sensors business of the French company Fogale Nanotech.

Hamilton, a global manufacturer of process sensor technologies, has signed an agreement regarding the acquisition of the Biotech Sensors Business of Fogale Nanotech, a worldwide leader in biomass monitoring. The deal closed in December 2013. With this acquisition, Hamilton becomes the only sensor manufacturer offering all valuable parameters for the online monitoring of bioprocesses, i.e., pH, dissolved oxygen and biomass.

Bioprocesses play a growing role in many industries, including the biotechnological and pharmaceutical industries. However, bioprocesses that involve living cells often display high batch-to-batch variability. Accurate online information on critical process parameters, including viable biomass, is necessary for effective bioprocess optimization and control. It also addresses the growing regulatory requirements of these industries. Fogale’s biomass sensor uses the dielectric properties of living cells, and has the advantage of measuring only viable cell density. Unlike optical techniques, the system is not sensitive to gas bubbles, microcarriers, cell debris or other particles in suspension.

“Fogale’s biomass sensors are the ideal addition to our product offering for our biopharmaceutical customers,” commented Dr. Jörg Pochert, Vice President, Laboratory and Sensors at Hamilton. “In combination with our pH and dissolved oxygen sensor, they provide critical information on the progress of the cell culture process, enabling our customers to better understand, optimize and control their processes. With this acquisition, we strengthen our strategic offering for the biopharmaceutical market.”

Patrick Leteurtre, CEO of Fogale Nanotech, stated, “We are looking forward to the cooperation with Hamilton, who will not only make our biomass products available to a broader group of customers, but will also eventually continue to further develop our technology.” Both companies agreed not to disclose commercial details of the acquisition.

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