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Contact free Measuring with Hamilton Memosens Sensors

BONADUZ, Switzerland,  (Oct. 01, 2012) -- As of today, Memosens® sensors are also part of the Hamilton product assortment. These sensors have revolutionized measuring technology because the data digitalized in the sensor head is transferred inductively (i.e., without contacts), thus greatly improving the availability and reliability of readings. By using the uniform standard Memosens®, the extensive compatibility with external devices is also ensured. The sensors have a perfect galvanic separation, are fully waterproof and resist environmental influences. Various Memosens® pH sensors, such as the tried and tested EasyFerm™ Plus pH sensor for biotechnology applications or Polilyte™ Plus for demanding chemical processes, are available.

Thanks to the intelligent data transfer, the sensor can be precisely calibrated in the lab in a short time. Afterwards, the data is digitally transferred without any interference to the on-site measuring transducer. All the information from the measuring point can be centrally analyzed independently from the place of installation. Biotechnology, the chemical industry or sewage treatment plants benefit from the hygienic, user-friendly applicability.

The hermetically-sealed, submersible sensor head resists excess pressure and therefore prevents false readings caused by humidity, corrosion or salt bridges. The inductive connection supplies the sensor plug-in head with power and also allows a bidirectional signal transfer between sensor and cable while the patented bayonet lock ensures a safe link-up. A contact interruption is recognized and displayed in the measuring transducer.

The integrated data storage documents the sensor’s complete cycle, thus making total operating hours, operating hours under extreme process conditions, calibration history and additional important processes transparent—allowing preventive, economical maintenance to take place. Owing to the longer service life of the sensors, plant downtime is minimized and process safety increases.

Thanks to the uniform standard Memosens®, customers can purchase components from different suppliers. Whether sensor or measuring transducer, the Memosens® products of the affiliated manufacturers are compatible with one another so investment costs can be drastically reduced. All devices “speak the same language” whose foundation constitutes the Memosens® protocol. Quality and compatibility are guaranteed by a quality seal. For further information, visit

Note: Memosens is a registered trademark of the Endress + Hauser Co. headquartered in Reinach.

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