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New Touch-Screen Monitor Provides Fingertip Interface to MICROLAB® STAR Workstations

RENO, Nev., (July 13, 2010) -- Hamilton Robotics introduces a Touch-Screen Monitor option for its MICROLAB STAR and STARlet liquid handling workstations, providing increased ease of use and space savings.

Taking advantage of new Windows* 7 capabilities, the touch screen minimizes the need for a separate keyboard and mouse.  Users can customize their own graphical interface with windows that can be moved or scrolled through with finger movements.  The monitor is fully supported by the Hamilton VENUS software. 

“The Touch-Screen Monitor is the ideal interface for entering data, creating methods and making decisions during a run,” explained Scott Eaton, director of clinical and international sales and marketing for Hamilton Robotics.  “Easy-to-use touch screens are available and popular on many consumer devices and we’re pleased to bring this to our liquid handling platforms.”

The new 19” Touch-Screen Monitor can be positioned at any angle up to approximately 135 degrees, mounted on the right side of the STAR instrument, and can be folded out of the way when not in use.

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