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Rack Runner Robot Integrates Multiple Sample Storage Systems and Liquid Handling

HOPKINTON, Mass., (Feb. 17, 2010) – Hamilton Storage Technologies introduces the Rack Runner – a fast, flexible robotic tool that can integrate multiple -20˚ and -80˚C Sample Access Manager (SAM) storage systems into a cluster or link storage with a Hamilton liquid handling workstation.  The Rack Runner’s range enables scalable integration of multiple Hamilton and third party systems including incubators, readers, washers and shakers.

The Rack Runner is designed to meet the evolving storage needs of customers in biobanking, virus banking, DNA and RNA research and pharmaceutical discovery and development.  Users can start with a single SAM, adding and linking additional systems as capacity requirements grow in the future.

The small and agile Rack Runner moves on a linear drive that is extendable from 80 centimeters to eight meters.  With wireless control, the robot moves at up to 2.5 meters per second.  Elimination of moving cables makes the robot more robust than other tools and reduces maintenance requirements.  The robot’s gripper is equipped with force sensors to guarantee secure gripping, delivery and positioning of the plates and racks.  A Plexiglas housing with locked access doors ensures user safety.

“The Rack Runner integrates our leading robotics capabilities with our top-of-the-line storage systems to provide integrated solutions for our customers,” said Martin Frey, product manager for Hamilton Storage Technologies.  “This independent tool can integrate the entire plate- or tube-based lab, from storage to assay.”

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