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New HPLC Syringe Line Optimized for Use With Spark Holland Autosamplers

RENO, Nev., (May 5, 2010) -- Hamilton Company, world leader in fluid measurement, introduces a new line of rugged syringes specially designed for optimal performance and long life in Spark Holland HPLC Autosamplers.  These new GASTIGHT® syringes are ideal for dispensing liquid samples from a wide range of matrices and solvents.  The PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) construction of the syringe plunger tip ensures a precise fit with the glass barrel, creating a leak-free seal for accurate operation.  Hamilton GASTIGHT models are particularly well-suited for use with heterogeneous samples, which can cause syringe plungers to freeze.

Stringent manufacturing processes ensure reproducibility and long syringe life without the addition of silicone lubricants that can contaminate samples. These new syringes deliver precise and accurate performance at an affordable price.

“Spark Holland Autosamplers and their private label brands are used in thousands of labs throughout the world and we are pleased to offer a customized syringe for them,” commented Mark Carrier, chromatography market manager for Hamilton.   “Our syringes deliver the best quality and longest life on the market.”

Spark Holland Autosamplers

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