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384 STP Multichannel Head and Rocket Tips Enable 96- to 1536-Well Pipetting With One Arm

RENO, Nev., (March 18, 2010) -- Hamilton Robotics introduces the CO-RE 384 STP (Shifted Tip Pickup) Multichannel Probe Head for the company’s MICROLAB® STAR liquid handling platform.

The Shifted Tip Pickup technology enables this new head to pick up one column, one row or just one tip without changing heads, delivering unprecedented flexibility and cost efficiency.  This makes the STP head an ideal solution for performing serial dilutions in 384- and 1536-well plates.  When used with Hamilton’s unique 4-to-1 adaptor Rocket Tips, the 384 STP head can serve as a 96-well probe head on the fly and eliminate the expense of a second head and arm.  Switching to 96-well pipetting increases the per-channel maximum volume to 300µL.  When using all 384 channels independently the standard per-channel maximum volume is 50µL.

Hamilton’s proprietary CO-RE (Compressed O-Ring Expansion) technology and air-displacement pipetting ensure the precision and accuracy necessary to pipette into 1536-well plates.  The 384 STP head is ideal for serial dilutions in metabolism studies and solubility assays, plate reformatting and all reagent dispensing.

“This new head, with its ability to pick up single tips, rows or columns, saves significant amounts of time for the researcher,” explained Scott Eaton, Director of Hamilton Robotics.  “Combined with our Rocket Tips, this head does the work of two separate arms, eliminating an expense for the life science lab.”

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