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Hamilton Adds Third-Party Integration Capabilities to NIMBUS Platform

RENO, Nev., (March 9, 2009) – Hamilton Robotics announces the expansion of its MICROLAB® NIMBUS platform with third-party device integration capabilities.  NIMBUS is a compact, flexible, automated 96-channel pipetting workstation that fits on the benchtop and in many fume hoods.  New communications software enhancements enable the integration of NIMBUS hardware with a select range of third party devices such as plate readers and washers, shakers, thermocyclers and plate storage stations.  The NIMBUS software now contains a library of protocols and drivers that work with the system’s gripper arm to move plates off the deck to other devices and then back again.

“With NIMBUS, we have brought our unique, high-performance pipetting technology to the lower throughput lab,” explained Rick Luedke, product manager for Hamilton Robotics.  “The new integration readiness extends the utility of this affordable, small-footprint workstation.”  The NIMBUS integration functionality is available initially to customers in the U.S. and Canada for predetermined devices.

MICROLAB NIMBUS incorporates Hamilton Robotics’ proprietary CO-RE (compressed O-ring expansion) technology, which delivers high-precision pipetting and positional accuracy.  Designed to meet the needs of today’s biopharmaceutical and academic researcher, NIMBUS performs common pipetting routines such as serial dilutions, reagent additions and plate replications, yet can also handle more demanding life science applications including solid phase extraction (SPE), magnetic-based isolations, bioassay setup and mass spectrometry (MS) sample preparation and target spotting.

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