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Duracal pH Buffers Provide Accurate Calibration With Five-Year Guarantee

Duracal line of stable pH buffersRENO, Nev., (March 9, 2009) – Hamilton Company, world leader in fluid measurement, will show its Duracal line of stable pH buffers at Pittcon 2009.  These pH buffers are certified for reliability by a third-party laboratory and carry a five-year guarantee.  Hamilton ensures the reliability and traceability of the calibration buffers with a closed-loop process, determining their pH value in comparison with two secondary reference buffers from accredited suppliers.  A certificate of traceability, which meets international standards, is included with each buffer.  Hamilton’s proprietary buffer solution also prevents microbiological growth.

Duracal buffers are ideal for the regular calibration of pH electrodes in a wide range of environments from general lab research to food and beverage and pharmaceutical applications.

All regulated environments require confidence in pH electrode calibration,” explained Amber Ratcliff, distributor relations manager for Hamilton.  “We have designed a range of stability features and certification processes into our buffer offerings to ensure that our customers will get accurate, reliable values.” 

Duracal pH buffers are offered in 250 mL and 500 mL plastic bottles with convenient, built-in calibration chambers.  Larger volumes are also available to meet application needs.

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