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2009 Press Releases

Hamilton and Sorenson Forensics Collaborate on Validated Systems for Forensic DNA Applications

RENO, Nev., (Nov. 18, 2009) – Hamilton Robotics and Sorenson Forensics have announced a collaboration to provide validated automation systems for DNA analysis in casework and databasing applications. Together, the two companies offer crime and government labs automated methods with a streamlined validation process for DNA extraction, normalization, PCR setup, amplification and cleanup. The pipetting performance and novel monitoring/audit trail features of Hamilton’s STAR liquid handling platform combined with Sorenson Forensics’ expertise in method validation provide an ideal solution for the forensic lab.


New MICROLAB® NIMBUS Streamlines Integration of Pipetting with Heating and Shaking

RENO, Nev., (Nov. 5, 2009) – Hamilton Robotics introduces the MICROLAB NIMBUS Heater/Shaker Package – an integrated system that incorporates high-speed automated pipetting with orbital plate shaking and heating. This preconfigured, turnkey package provides streamlined functionality for a variety of applications that require heat for solute mixing or shaking such as in colorimetric, fluorescent or luminescent bioassays, cell viability assays and magnetic separations.


Hamilton Robotics and Promega to Collaborate on Automated gDNA Isolation

RENO, Nev., (Aug. 25, 2009) – Hamilton Robotics and Promega Corporation announced today that the two companies will collaborate in the development of an automated system for the isolation of genomic DNA from large-volume blood samples. Based on Hamilton’s MICROLAB® STAR liquid handling technology and Promega systems and reagents, the new offering will increase throughput for large-volume applications such as biobanking, pharmacogenomics and genetic research.


New 1 mL 96-Channel Pipetting Head Streamlines Large-Volume Assays

RENO, Nev., (Aug. 4, 2009) – Hamilton Robotics introduces a 1 mL 96-channel pipetting head for its MICROLAB® STAR and NIMBUS liquid handling workstations. Incorporating Hamilton’s proprietary CO-RE (Compressed O-Ring Expansion) technology for robust tip handling and superior positional precision, the new 1ml multi-pipetting head (MPH) offers a higher dynamic pipetting range (1 ul – 1000 ul) without sacrificing accuracy or precision. The uninterrupted time for aliquoting runs can be increased with this new head, allowing higher consistency in time-sensitive assays and increased throughput.


Self-Contained Pipetting Module Provides Precise Liquid Handling for IVD Instruments

RENO, Nev., (July 20, 2009) – Hamilton Company, world leader in fluid measurement, introduces the ZEUS Pipetting Module for IVD Instruments at the 2009 Clinical Lab Expo. The unique, self-contained Z-Excursion Universal Sampler (ZEUS) aspirates volumes from 1 µL to 1,000 µL and features Hamilton’s proprietary air-displacement pipetting technology, which delivers superior levels of accuracy and reproducibility. The ZEUS module with Z-motion movement is ideal for any IVD instrument that requires on-board pipetting.