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Easyferm Food

Biocompatible, hygienic and reliable: EASYFERM FOOD
HAMILTON’s new pH sensor for sensitive biological applications

HAMILTON’s new pH sensor EASYFERM FOOD is intended for applications in the food and beverage industry and biotechnology.

Its reference electrolyte FOODLYTE was developed to be harmless to consumers of food and beverages and to sensitive micro organisms in fermenters. External testing certifies that the electrolyte is food safe, biocompatible, tasteless and odorless.

The EASYFERM FOOD is also certified by EHEDG criteria to meet the hygienic clean in place requirements of our customers.

Owing to a special pH glass and a durable reference diaphragm, EASYFERM FOOD shows an excellent long-term performance even after autoclaving, steam-sterilizing or cleaning in place (CIP).

Biocompatibilty, cleanability, reliability – these are the great advantages that the pH sensor EASYFERM FOOD brings to the customer.

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