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Hamilton Company Provides a Competitive Edge for AIChE at UCLA’s Chem-E-Car Teams

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June 5, 2017 – At Hamilton Company we make an effort to be involved in our community and are proud of the success we see from those efforts. We recently donated pipettes to the American Institute of Chemical Engineers student chapter at the University of California, Los Angeles (AIChE at UCLA) for student teaching and practicing purposes. The donation was much appreciated and the talented group made great use of the tools they received. Twenty-two members were able to learn how to properly operate the pipettes, better preparing them for working within the chemical engineering field. The pipettes were also utilized by the two UCLA teams that participated in the AIChE Student Western Regional Conference Chem-E-Car competition, where student teams work together to build a shoebox-sized car fueled and stopped purely by chemical reactions. The students must use precise measurements to get the appropriate reaction, making their car go a specified distance. Teams are placed by which car is the closest to that predetermined distance. One of the UCLA teams placed second this year and now has the opportunity to represent UCLA at the National AIChE Conference in Minneapolis, MN in late October 2017.

Emily Su, Project Lead at AIChE at UCLA, explained the benefits her team experienced:

“UCLA AIChE Chem-E-Car has been able to use [Hamilton] pipettes to both improve our competition performance and provide the opportunity for experience to our younger members. 

“We have been able to use [Hamilton] pipettes to teach freshmen and sophomore chemical engineers how to use advanced equipment. A total of 22 members have been able to learn how to operate these pipettes. Using pipettes are skills that they will be able to use in the future, and they are more prepared for working in chemical engineering jobs or research positions. 

“In addition, [Hamilton] pipettes have given our Chem-E-Car team a competitive edge. The goal of Chem-E-Car is to design and test a car that runs only on chemical reactions. At the competition, teams insert a desired amount of reactants into the car to travel a specified distance, and whoever travels the closest to the specific distance wins. The pipettes allowed us to remove a large amount of error in our measurements, which made our car more accurate. At the 2017 AIChE Student Western Regional Conference, our Chem-E-Car team placed 2nd, which is the best finish in school history.

“Thank you again for your contributions to our club. They have greatly aided our organization, and they have helped make this project a better experience for our members.”

More info on AIChE at UCLA Chem-E-Car can be found here:




Hamilton Company takes pride in our community involvement, and although these pipettes were a direct donation request from AIChE at UCLA, we take an active role donating supplies to similar organizations through the Hamilton Grant Program. More info about Hamilton Grants can be found here: