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Hamilton History

Clark HamiltonThe history of Hamilton Company begins in 1947 with its founder Clark Hamilton, an American chemical engineer who produced the first lead shielded syringe out of his garage in Whittier, California. This single idea, which enabled precision measurement and pipetting in the microliter range, spread rapidly around the world. His invention became the basis for the modern Microliter syringes which are still widely used by chromatographers today.

In 1953, Hamilton Company was incorporated and Clark’s pioneering spirit and vision continued to drive syringe development into new markets and applications.  The strategy of the company has been to grow through innovations based on its core competence in liquid handling and to favor high quality products over short-term profits.

Establishing a Headquarters in Switzerland
In 1968, the company founded Hamilton Bonaduz A.G., in Bonaduz, Switzerland, to improve manufacturing and distribution of products into Europe. Production started with three employees, and quickly grew over the years to more than 900 employees today.

In 1989, Hamilton entered the process analytical measurement  market when it began manufacturing electrochemical and optical sensors in Bonaduz. These sensors and accessories offered measurement parameter solutions in pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen and conductivity. In 2009, Hamilton revolutionized sensors by becoming the first company to offer an intelligent sensor with an integrated micro-transmitter inside the probe when it introduced the Arc.

Entering the Automation Market
In 1970, the company relocated to Reno, Nevada and introduced the first semi-automated diluter the following year. The next milestone came in 1974, when a research and development department was established for Hamilton Robotics. Shortly after, Hamilton created the first fully-automated liquid handling workstation for sample preparation in 1980. 

Over the next 23 years, the company continued to grow, developing innovative products such as the Microlab STAR, Microlab NIMBUS and VANTAGE Liquid Handling System. Thousands of Hamilton liquid handling workstations are now serving customers in laboratories all over the world.

Hamilton Storage Technologies was established in 2007 to offer ultra-low temperature automated storage systems for storage of microtubes and microplates. A new East Coast headquarters was built in 2013 in Franklin, Massachusetts.

A Family-run Business with Worldwide Reach
Since 1977, eight subsidiary offices were established throughout the world, growing Hamilton’s global presence. Hamilton enjoys continuous growth and success as an international life science company with more than 1,400 employees worldwide.

Today Hamilton remains a privately-owned, family-run business, now under its second and third generation of management. For over 60 years, Hamilton has been satisfying customer needs by combining quality materials with skilled workmanship to ensure the highest level of performance. Hamilton’s lifelong commitment to precision and quality has earned us global ISO 9001 Certification, and the company operates under GMP guidelines.