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Founded in the late 1940s, Hamilton is the leading manufacturer of precision liquid handling and measuring devices.

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75+ Years of Experience
22 Locations Worldwide
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Hamilton’s 4UxF Arc Conductivity Sensors helped us improve our product quality.

Hamilton’s 4UxF Arc Conductivity Sensors has become an integral part of our processes, seamlessly performing in downstream applications. The sensors are ±3% to ±5% accurate, provide consistent and repeatable measurements over a wide range (1 µS/cm to 300 mS/cm) of conductivity values. The conductivity sensors have helped us to improve our product quality, reduce our production costs, and ensure the consistency of our products.

Marko Scharfe, Teva Pharma

Only with the intense use of Hamilton’s robots we are able to HLA type ten patients in 12 hours at the highest quality level.

Automation is an absolute necessity for performing the cumbersome workflow of NGS on a routine and diagnostic basis. In a professional partnership Hamilton developed and fine-tuned an automation solution that perfectly fits our needs. Now, three robots of Hamilton’s STAR Line allow for error free processing and massive reduction of hands-on time together with the required stability and reliability.

Norbert Niklas, Blood Center for Upper Austria, Linz/Austria

Hamilton has repeatedly proven to be a reliable and committed partner.

From the beginning, we relied on Hamilton to automate our sensitive stem cells culture. Working with Hamilton’s staff feels like being part of one team, speaking the same language and having the same goals.

Professor Oliver Brüstle, University of Bonn and Life&Brain GmbH, Germany

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