Reversed Phase Bulk Packing Material

Polymer and silica bulk packing material for reversed phase applications.

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              Part Number
              Unit Price

              Compound Class

              General, chemical type or category of compound to be separated.

              Packing Material

              The type of resin that is packed inside the column tube.

              USP Class

              United States Pharmacopeia HPLC column designation.

              Particle Size

              Size (in micrometers) of the polymer or silica bead packed inside the column tube.

              Hardware ID

              Inside diameter (in millimeters) of the column tube.

              Hardware Length

              Length of the column tube (in millimeters).

              All Hamilton HPLC packings are available as bulk resin or packed into analytical, semi-preparative and preparative columns. Chromatographic capacity and efficiency tests are conducted on both bulk and packed column resins to ensure product integrity. Samples from different lots can be purchased for method/process validation. For ease of ordering specify the quantity of resin needed in grams. Quantities from one gram to tens of Kilo's are available.


              Hamilton Reversed Phase HPLC Column Packing Materials

              PRP-1 PS-DVB material for general purpose pH stable long life column for small molecule (< 2,000 mw), pharmaceuticals, steroids, nucleic acids, vitamins, herbicides
              PRP-3 PS-DVB material for large molecules (> 2,000 mw), peptides, proteins, protein digests, protected and de-protected oligonucleotides, nucleic acids
              PRP-C18 Long life, PS-DVB C18 material for LC/MS applications, small molecules (< 2,000 mw), pharmaceuticals, steroids, halides, vitamins, amino acid analysis, herbicides
              PRP-h5 Pentafluorinated PS-DVB for macromolecules (> 2,000 mw), pharmaceuticals, protein digests, tryptic digests, proteomics
              HxSil C8, C18 General purpose silica-based reversed phase material


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